Unveiling your self-worth legacy is key to health.

Self-worth is not an easy subject to be talking about, as it is a sacred and nurtured feeling.
We all have our own unforgettable story from our childhood that we need to recover from as adults, that lingers, influencing our self-worth. Our own self-worth is mirrored in how we educate and discipline our children. It is like road rage, how we deal with our colleagues, the talking down to others, even the forgiveness granted to those that do not deserve it – ultimately it all ends up in our health.
Our life and body is integrated and unified and is in need of nurturing in each phase. The saying “live right, eat right, sleep right, poop right” is a demonstration of the need for a unified outlook of mental and physical health.
It is easier said than done. This is the reason why we all need support or assistance. My journey to this point of understanding was probably very much the same as many other people and I am grateful for this present understanding.
If I can get others to the point where self-worth is realized and achieved, then I believe, I have not only influenced their self-confidence but also their health and legacy. Your legacy is ultimately what you stand for and how committed you are. With self-worth you have the guts to be the high tree and be seen for what you stand for. That same self-worth will be the reason why you will take care of your health. Your last few months alive are the most vivid in your loved one’s minds. You are in control of how you will be remembered. Whether being sickly or energetic, will alter those memories drastically.
Therefore, your choice in life and lifestyle will influence your current quality of life and your legacy. So let your every choice be a healthy one to sculpt your legacy of self-worth.