Killing Cancer

Killing Cancer with Alternatives.

Stress is a reaction in your mind – it is not a state of mind – it’s measurable and it can open doors for the diseases you dread.

 It is now a known fact that stress, our life styles choices and bad eating habits lowers our vulnerability to all diseases by affecting all our bodily systems including and especially our immune system. Immune cells become sloppy and they make a mess of their job by behaving unintelligently. With more stress and no correction in the eating patterns, that mess gets bigger, more out of hand, creating collateral damage.

 The fundamental issue is that the immune system has missed the cancer and other diseases – then system becomes disrupted and all hell breaks loose in sections of your body. So, cancer is first and foremost a disease of the immune system – immune deficiency – behaving in a confused manner.

Obviously, you need to remove the stresses and bad habits that are causing it to not work.

Conventional chemotherapy for cancer leaves much to be desired.

Antibiotics, radiation and chemotherapy cannot cure anything – all they do is put the body in a position so that the immune system can again take over and do the curing.

No doctor has ever healed anybody of cancer in the history of the world – the immune system heals.

So, the first step when you have or are threatened with a dreaded disease like cancer, viral or any bacterial diseases or even a heart challenge, is to stimulate the immune system back into action – improve the immune system response – it was created to recognize, fight, fix and repair everything that is missing and needs to be repaired before you start any other remedies.

Your Immune system may have the right white blood cells, strong T and NK cells but can it recognize and kill cancer cells? – Not if it is over-worked. It also needs Nano-factor intelligence to do the job it was designed to do. Although your immune system is powerful and has billions of cells at its disposal every minute of the day, it also needs to be at its peak frequency.

Remember health is from the inside out – through your choices, you are the cause of your diseases like cancer starting years before the symptoms appear.

Without healthy nutrition, hydration & good cooking habits, you are fighting with no weapons. Without a strong, balanced, intelligent immune system operating at its ultimate frequency, you are fighting without an army.

Obviously, taking excellent care of your immune system must be your first step – then all the alternative treatments can fall into place that you choose to use even if it is allopathic treatment.


In Washington – The nation’s oncologists have issued their annual report (2016) on their progress in the fight against cancer, and they say the biggest advance in recent years has been the growth of immune-therapy. In this report, The American Society of Clinical Oncologists indicate this relatively new technique can revolutionize cancer treatment.

“I think the widened applicability of immune-therapy made us feel it is time to designate it as the advance of the year,” says Dr. Don Dizon of Massachusetts General Hospital, a co-editor of the report.

The premise behind this form of treatment is simple: “Find a way for the immune system to detect and kill cancer cells”. The immune system has the greatest potential for the specific destruction of tumours with no toxicity to normal tissue and for long-term memory that can prevent cancer recurrence. The last 30 years of immuno-oncology research have provided solid evidence that tumours are recognized by the immune system and their development can be stopped through developing a strong immune response. What’s more, since the immune system has a built-in memory, it continues to go after cancer cells, so the response can be longer lasting and more complete.

Jeffrey Bluestone, PhD, executive vice chancellor and provost of UC San Francisco said: “I do think that we’re at an inflection point with immune-therapy,” he added. “It will be revolutionary and will impact how we approach cancer.”

“The new frontier in cancer treatment is getting a person’s own immune system to eliminate tumors, rather than targeting the cancer cells with chemotherapy. In contrast to conventional cancer treatments, immunotherapies can lead to long-lasting clinical responses.”  — Lawrence Fong, MD, associate professor of medicine

In conclusion, the biggest threat to your immune system when you are suffering from cancer is common sugar. Sugar weakens our immune system and gives the cancer its “best” food to grow itself – one can of coke with so much sugar in it can shut down your immune system for three or more hours.

The University of Copenhagen found that specific sugar molecules are found in large quantities in almost every form of cancer. More importantly, scientists now know that the sugar they’re finding in cancer cells is more than “present” – it is actively encouraging and aiding the growth of malignant cancer cells.

Although good food choices, adequate sleep, exercising, mind exercises, music, laughter and meditation are possible part solutions and should be part of your life style, you need to firstly build, balance and frequency-strengthen your immune system and insure it has the natural ability to know the good from the bad cells.

Ultrasound frequency detection is a powerful transformational tool for the human body and its immune system. These ultrasound frequencies have the capacity to transform your life in miraculous ways. Its quick, accurate, non-intrusive and a no-brainer.

If you already have a dreaded disease or even a dormant one, your first step is to take a CellQuicken ultrasound analysis at home. Then, depending on the system analysis is to strengthen the correct immune cells to take out any disease you are carrying. No need for chemicals or radiation as your first step.

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You are unique, treat yourself with love, become involved in your health and treatment,

Igniting Hope for New-Health,

Raymond Venter




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