Science Opens Doors to a New Type of Treatment for all Diseases.

The quantum field, when activated with intention, can actually create what some would call “miracles”. For example, if a person has been diagnosed with “terminal” cancer, the condition is usually addressed from purely the Newtonian physics modality of treating the tangible, physical symptom – old paradigm.

According to this old health modality, it is seen as an incurable disease. But, if the same problem is addressed from a modality which utilizes the quantum field using intention, it can be as good as re-writing the blue print of that person’s body.

You can re-write the energetic blue print of that person’s body by deactivating the frequencies within the body which are causing the cancer in the first place, and this can lead to complete remission of a condition which traditional medicine called “incurable”.

It is time that the main stream scientific and medical community focused more of their attention on quantum New-Health technologies, especially ones which relate to healing.

The quantum field is the new frontier of health and treatment. Healing modalities which incorporate a quantum field approach are proving to be wildly successful. And soon, quantum field energy will be widely understood and afforded by society.

It will be recognized as one of the greatest leaps in scientific understanding of mankind as a whole – thanks to Einstein, Rife and today Raymond Venter.

We are more powerful than we realize – we have to discover and experience this – not just know about it –but experience it – exciting learning journey for all of us.

Scientific New-Health Quantum Treatment

This is a term used to describe healing practices that utilize the principles of Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics.
Quantum physics reveals to us that everything is made of energy and all realities are created to “mold and hold” the energy in place. In quantum physics, all the infinite possibilities and probabilities exist within our reach, and it is the observer that creates the reality they see. This is why I always say that in order to create a desired outcome we need to work with our soul consciousness through the observer point of view.