What filters our Reality of Health

In the past, we never realized that there was such a thing as universal intelligence.
It is the lens of our belief systems that filter the reality we manifest. Our life isn’t predetermined and set in destiny — instead we create what we want by aligning our intentions to a desired goal by changing our thoughts that are in the thought field around the body.
Everything is based on the story we tell ourselves about our past. For instance, if we say that having make a mistake when we were young ruined our life, this is part of our belief system, and we have an unconscious need to punish ourselves, and we-filter everything through unworthiness and guilt because of that constrictive thought.
What we experienced is not who we are, it is only part of our life’s lessons. It is best not to focus on victimization, as much as to focus on what did you learn from the experience and how can you use it to create the opposite in your life at present and in the future.
When using for example, acupressure, tapping techniques, we attempt to release the energies that hold us to the unconscious patterns and limiting “stories” that we tell ourselves about our life.
Many physical symptoms are created by what we have been holding onto at an unconscious level for some time. It is an energy form state that is held in the cells as cellular memories, the chakras, the meridians and the aura.
Through the use of the New-Health Cell Quicken frequency energy, we can reframe our thoughts about the past and create a more positive outcome in the present by changing our emotional set-point for the negative thoughts. We can also go directly today and heal the actual disease.
Depending on our level of intention, and conflicting unconscious resistance to change, we can work through the layers of trauma that are stored in the system due to past traumatic experiences that are affecting our health today.
This is why we must always be aware of what we are thinking and sending out into the pool of energy for others to interact with as this is the energy that shapes our world. For instance, if you keep saying that an experience ruined your life, you are creating a reality that supports your belief in the present. You attract others who have the same feelings and energy patterns for that belief to expand, and it affects you on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
When we let go of guilt and shame from the past, it effects how quickly we can flip into a new reality, sometimes referred to as the morphogenetic fieldwhich is a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory.
As research in quantum physical continues to grow, the collective agreement will evolve in its view of mind’s influence on matter.

I invite you to step out of the old heath world into The NEW HEALTH WORLD and start self-healthcare.