What is New-Health, High Frequency, Energy Healing?

Let’s start with what Einstein taught us through his ground breaking, revolutionary equation E=MC₂ – everything is Energy. We are composed of energy. Minerals are energy. Plants are energy. Humans are energy.

The entire universe is made of energy.

We are energy in motion; meaning, our energy is always moving within us at different vibration levels. The rate of speed at which our energy vibrates is what we call Frequency.

We can’t see our energy in motion because it vibrates extremely fast and we have a limited neurological system. A limited neurological system means that we can only perceive with our eyes, very low vibrations.

Our bodies are composed of tissue. Tissue is composed of cells. Cells are composed of molecules. Molecules are composed of atoms. Atoms are electrons going around a nucleolus; just as planets go around the sun.

Did you know the distance between an electron and its nucleolus is the same as the distance between the earth and the sun in scale? This means 99.99% is empty space to our eyes; however, there is energy in this space. We are, therefore, frequencies of energy in motion!

We are much more than just our physical body…Our physical body is just one of the components of what we are. We also have an emotional, mental and spiritual body made of energy.

These energy bodies are composed of higher frequencies; therefore, you can’t see them.
These bodies form what we know, among-st other names, as the Auric Field and directly affect our physical body.

Universal and physical law declares that higher frequency energies automatically flow to lower frequencies and bring them into balance.

This means, whatever happens within our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies has a direct effect on our physical health as they are higher frequencies.
Most diseases are a result of the imbalances within these energy bodies. The emotional body becomes imbalanced as a result of lower frequencies within, such as anger, fear, sadness, resentment, guilt, shame, grief, etc.

The mental body becomes imbalanced as a result of false, limited and negative patterns of thought within, such as ego-based thinking.