Will You Get Second Cancer

Will you Get Second Cancer?

Did you know that the treatment your doctor orders, could possibly increase the likelihood that you will become a repeat customer?

Conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation could actually promote cancer. Cancer is increasingly becoming a survivable disease, yet the treatments could cause considerable collateral damage – including initiating new, second cancers.


A secondary malignancy is a new cancer that occurs in an individual because of previous treatment with radiation or chemotherapy.  Secondary cancers may occur months or years after treatment and are a consequence or side effect of the initial cancer treatment.


In addition to treating cancer, chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy are also carcinogenic, which means they can cause cancer. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells by disrupting cell division. However, normal cells are also affected, especially if the dose is too high or if certain drugs are used. For example, etoposide is associated with an increased risk of acute leukaemia compared to other chemotherapy drugs. Furthermore, secondary cancers are more frequent in patients who receive radiation and chemotherapy compared to either treatment alone.

The risk of developing any second cancer increases with age.

Michael J. Naughton, MD, a medical oncologist with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, says that there are several factors that may increase the likelihood of a primary cancer resulting in a secondary cancer. He explains there is a one theory that is because the body’s immune system was vulnerable to the development of the first cancer, it may be more susceptible to the development of a second cancer. “There may also be a predisposition to genetic factors as well as risk factors that may increase the chance of developing a second cancer,”.

Because the cells of certain organs are alike, the same changes due to carcinogen exposure, aging, diet, weak immune system, that made one area of that organ susceptible to cancer may occur in other areas of that organ, causing those other locations to be vulnerable as well.

How Long Has It Been Known That Chemotherapy and Radiation Can Lead to Second Cancers?

The link between chemotherapy and radiation and the development of second cancers has been known for decades! Even the American Cancer Society acknowledges that radiotherapy and chemotherapy are carcinogens and may increase risk for developing a second cancer, and that the risk is even higher when both therapies are given together. Yet still this information is not typically shared with patients or is severely downplayed by oncologists – why? This is just not fair.

Chemotherapy and Second Cancers

Chemotherapy targets the DNA of cancer cells, specifically rapidly dividing cells. However, in the process it also impacts healthy cells. Risk is dose and treatment-duration related.

Radiation and Second Cancers

Beyond the obvious link from radiation exposure to cancer (Chernobyl, Fukushima, and atomic bomb blasts in Japan) and all the credible new information linking cell phones and EMFs to cancer, radiation therapy has been recognized as carcinogenic for many years. Like chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy destroys cancer cells but also harms healthy cells.

Patients given immune-suppressive medication (they suppress the immune system), such as cyclophosphamide, chlorambucil and nitrogen mustard are proven to often develop second cancers.

Stem cell transplants increase risk of second cancers from the chemotherapy and radiation used as well as the associated suppression of the immune system.

While secondary malignancies may be due to many factors, chemotherapy and radiation are both carcinogens; exposure to these therapies can result in an increased risk of second cancers.

Sadly, many oncologists do not inform their patients that the treatments they prescribe could possibly lead to a second cancer.  

 Prior Cancer Treatment

Past and current treatments, including radiation, chemotherapy, and certain drugs, also have risks associated with developing secondary and unrelated cancers. “Doctors understand the risks and are well aware of the side effects; however, certain risks are part of treatment,” Michael Naughton asserts. “This can be challenging and a delicate balance but a logical part of the treatment process for certain types of cancers.”

The Most Effective treatment.

After the successful treatment of cancer, Dr. Sutton says that healthy lifestyle choices such as correct healthy eating, avoiding sugar, exercise, not smoking, limiting UV exposure, taking steps to ensure your immune system is strong and balanced, and limiting alcohol intake will broadly speaking keep a patient on the path of good health.

The most effective treatment yet, is Ultrasound, a high frequency Self-HealthCare technology developed by the Institution of Health Science. Albert Einstein declared with his famous discover of E=Mc2 that all matter vibrates at specific rates and everything has its own frequency including the entire human body.  This means we can heal our bodies of all diseases with the correct frequency. Why use anything else – it’s a no brainer in my opinion.

How and with what, the cancer patient is treated with including hormonal issues, heredity, immune deficiencies, and all medicines needed to treat primary malignancies, are no longer out of the patients’ control. The patient now has choices.

Dr. Sutton, advises that limiting alcohol, not smoking, making healthy food choices, building a strong intelligent immune system and getting exercise will help ward off risk, he continues by saying that, “Healthy living is proven to reduce some risk, but not all risk.” Why then, take the risk?

Boosting the immune system is the key to avoiding secondary cancer.

Most Oncologists agree that cancer is an immune disease, so avoid the immune weakeners and introduce the immune strengtheners – get my free eBook that covers the detail:

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Second cancers are cancers mostly unrelated to the original cancer, which can be triggered by the very same imbalances or cancer-causing agents that led to the first cancer. In fact, doctors sometimes refer to the risk of a second cancer as “friendly fire” – that is treatment for one cancer resulting in the initiation of a second cancer. It is beyond me to understand, how in God’s name could any doctor fail to mention to a patient the possibility that second cancers can be created by the very cancer treatment they are administering? At least allowing patients to know the risks and agreeing to them; or also allowing them to search for alternatives, of which there are many.

I ask the question with all sincerity:
“Is it because cancer treatment is a money-making business, where so many people reply on it to make a living?


  • Tailor the intensity of cancer therapy: Over the past decade there has been great progress in defining risk groups for various cancers.  The importance of defining risk groups is that less treatment can be given to those who have a low risk of recurrence of cancer with standard treatments and more treatment can be given to those at high risk. Lowering the dose of treatment and strengthening the immune system with Ultrasound treatment for both low and high risk groups is probably the most important way to prevent secondary cancers since these cancers occur in any patients with weak immune systems.
  • Avoid radiation therapy: Another way to decrease the incidence of second cancers is to avoid radiation therapy if at all possible and keep the immune system strong with Ultrasound Home Therapy high frequencies.
  • Avoid drugs with high carcinogenic potential: This is difficult to do since most chemotherapy drugs are carcinogenic.  However, in some instances other drugs could be used instead.
  • Boost the immune and lymphatic systems – avoid chemical or allopathic products which claim to build the immune system. I recommend the natural, non-intrusive but powerful, Ultrasound RoyalVibe device. Besides being able to focus on all other dreaded diseases, it can get the all-important Lymph and Immune systems back to 100% operating efficiency.


The most important aspect of treatment of secondary cancer is early diagnosis.  It is important to understand that you are not only at risk of a recurrence of your primary cancer but at risk of a secondary cancer.

The most important preventative treatment from day one is consciously become aware of your lymph system and in building a strong, balanced, intelligent immune system and avoiding all the aspects in your life that weaken your immune system – this can be subconsciously fun as you build up bodily systems that make you feel good and give you hope for the future.

Finally, how to move forward to avoid second cancer?

The immune and Lymph systems have the greatest potential for the specific destruction of tumours with no toxicity to normal tissue and for long-term memory that can prevent cancer recurrence.

Build Your immune system to cure your cancer.

Alternatives to using Toxic Drugs to control microbial infection:

  • Ultrasound helps build back the knowledge to the “good” Immune System Cells of how to destroy the “bad” micro-organisms and abnormal cancer Cells. The immune system will again know which cells are bad and HOW to attack them by revealing their weaknesses.
  • Using high ultrasound frequency ensures that the immune system has sufficient, strong, intelligent, Immune Cells to fight the cancer– including T-Cells, NK Cells, Macrophages:
    • Macrophages – engulf and destroy micro-organisms old/injured cells.
    • Cytotoxic T-Cells – remove cancer cells
    • NK Cells – remove pathogenic micro-organisms and abnormal cancer cells
    • T-Cell Lymphocytes – fights infection and produces antigens to kill pathogenic micro-organisms


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Igniting Hope for New-Health,

Raymond Venter





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